About Us

The Building Practice Ltd is a group of dynamic professionals whose sole aim is to provide outstanding architectural and construction services that compete with acceptable international standards

The company employs the use of up-to-date building techniques, materials and technologies to stay at the frontier of the industry at all times. We charge ourselves with the responsibilities of providing sound and complete architectural and engineering solutions with high skill and uncommon ingenuity with every project we undertake.

We are constantly determined to keep the interest of our clients as the top priority of our business by fostering a sense of partnership at every phase of our projects.
Our steady growth is a product of our unwavering delivery of quality,completeness,efficiency and overall client satisfaction.We have the ability to cater to a wide spectrum of construction needs in both the public and private sectors.

We work and collaborate with specialized companies that provide services across all areas of the construction industry.Through our partner companies we have access to world-class ideas,skills and innovative technology which puts us in a vantage point where we are able to solve complex problems,offer integrated and value-added services to our clients.

Our Mission

To provide outstanding, sustainable, complete and functionally designed buildings and spaces for people and other activities.

Our Vision

To be a benchmark name in the delivery of top-notch architectural services in Africa & beyond.

What We Stand For

Our Values

High Standard

We are a company that adheres strictly to international best practices and service excellence.This has earned us a name which is known for uncompromising quality delivery.


We easily adapt to a wide spectrum of clients and their varying needs; and then we go the extra mile to satisfy these needs. Even with this adaptation we remain unflinching in our resolve to offer the best solutions to problems and at the highest possible standards


We are very consistent to our founding values of honesty, hard work and integrity which have been the bedrock of our growth and success.Our clients expect no less than high ethical standards and professionalism in all we do and as such we have been able to keep them and work with them repeatedly.


We are a dedicated group of people whose dynamism allows us to collaborate with all project stakeholders and holding their views in high esteem. Our dedication to our work allows us to see every project as our only project and thus we infuse all our energies into obtaining the best results.


Why Choose Us

The Building Practice Advantage

We strive to be very innovative in our thought process to ensure that there is always a possibility and a solution to any problem.We thrive even where great challenges exist.
We endeavour on every project to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.We do ensure that we build longterm relationships with our clients whom we always see as our partners.The fact that much of our work is repeat business or referrals is a testament to our clients’ satisfaction.
We understand the nature of our industry and appreciate that time is directly proportional to cost and as such we ensure to be prompt with our deliveries while preserving quality.
We have been able to create formidable alliances with world class local and foreign partners,active in various segments of the construction industry.These relationships put us in a position to diversify our service offering beyond first class design and construction expertise to include other value-added services.Accordingly,we are able to proffer comprehensive solutions that meet our clients’ needs from design and build to building maintenance and facilities management.
Our staff are our greatest assets and so we try to provide enabling working environment and culture that engenders fulfilment in our work and consequently deliver the best services to our clients.We invest in training and capacity building for our people and always ensure they are happy and equipped with the best tools to carry out their tasks.